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FTMs on the Eastside?

Are there any FTMs on the Eastside? I'm in Kirkland, 32 and only 9 weeks along.

Re: FTMs on the Eastside?

  • Hi! I'm 12weeks and I live in Sammamish!
  • Hi! Congrats! Is it true that around week 12 the morning sickness goes away? When are you due?
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  • Yes!!! It has been true for me. It's still gradual though. I notice small bouts here and there but it's tapering off. I'm so grateful, I was really struggling for a while. I'm due January 10th. What about you? Have you been feeling sick?
  • I just hit 10 weeks and I'm starting to see it lighten up. You've given me hope :-) Im due Feb 2nd.
  • Exciting! I know it's terrible! The only thing that seems to cause it now for me is eating big meals so I'm trying to work on eating smaller portions.
  • FTM in Kirkland! 31 years old, currently 13w5d along. I'd love to connect!
  • Congratulations to all of you! Rolling into the second trimester was so exciting. May sound crazy, but I loved being pregnant and sometimes miss it. Make sure you take the time to take care of yourself and really appreciate this experience and how incredible your body is.
  • Kirkland ladies...are you doing any mom groups/prenatal groups or exercise classes?
  • @ahayleyq, I signed up for the 2nd tri class at Evergreen Hospital. It's in mid August I believe. Gonna check out prenatal yoga at a place on 124th near Five Guys, and will do labor classes as we get closer. (14w4d now) :)
  • My partner and I are going to be first time moms in Kenmore/Kirkland area. We are due in early Sept but are currently at Evergreen hospital on monitoring and baby is expected next Friday. We would love to connect with other moms in the area. We are very social people.
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    @juneandboo and @ahayleyq--- did you start the prenatal yoga classes at Be One Yoga yet? I'm thinking of starting in September but am also thinking about doing the one at Bala. Would love to go with other FTMs!
  • @nyerinseattle - yes! Bala is closer to me, but Be One has more time options from what I've read. Thinking about starting in Sep as well. I'm 18w along, how about you? I'd be happy to connect with ya! :)
  • I'm late finding this board, but I'm in Bellevue/Kirkland and expecting twins in February. 29 years old and 18 weeks.
  • I'm 32, 18weeks and FTM in Kirkland. Looking for prenatal yoga classes and exercise recommendations for bad feet. I've developed a bad case of plantar fictitious from the weight gain already and being on my feet all day. Tried Be One but they have a long wait list.
  • I'm a little late to the game, but I'm a FTM in Kirkland due in April. I'm also new to the area so any insight is appreciated. 
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