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Holding weird things to fall asleep

does anyone else's kid insist on holding strange things while falling asleep? So far, my LO has taken a bottle of baby ibuprofen, a bottle of sugar sprinkled for cake decorating, and my watch with him to fall asleep. I don't get it, but whatever works!

Re: Holding weird things to fall asleep

  • Does he have a lovey? All of my kids hold/rub their A&A blankets while falling asleep.
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  • That's hilarious and cute! My LO doesn't sleep with anything. He's starting to show some preference for a stuffed mouse, but not to take to bed.
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  • Sporty1216Sporty1216 member
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    @kielpinskim --that's the funny thing! He does have an A&A lovey that he loves to cuddle with. But sometimes, nothing but a small hard-surfaced object will do! I should get him a little people animal or something. Maybe he would like that...

    ETA--or Sophie! Maybe she would work...
  • You probably don't want Sophie - he'll roll over on it and it will squeak and wake him up. At least I would worry about that! We have a rule that no noisy toys go to bed for this reason (more for the 3 year old).

    My LO loves to hold nursing pads while he falls asleep! I wonder how that started... :)
  • My hand. She has to have my hand up against her face to sleep. It's not a big deal now bc we cosleep but I have no idea how to break the habit when we decide to finally transition her.
  • Our Sophie's squeaker broke somehow...so maybe I could still get away with it. But good point, @yellowflower15! I had to take away the sugar sprinkles because he kept shaking them and waking himself back up. Haha. Also, I was afraid he would figure out how to unscrew the cap and then I'd have a real mess on my hands!
  • ksulliksulli member
    OMG YES!! She has and loves her giraffe which she hugs every night, and used to need a paci in her free hand but it's also been: a plastic tomato, a tube of bubbles, a set of toy keys, a wooden carrot, the ButtPaste, a travel size tube of toothpaste. God knows what else.
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  • My LO is the opposite! If I put a stuffed animal or blanket or anything next to him he throws it to the other side of the crib! And usually it'll end up outside the crib by the morning :)
  • Tonight it was the nosefrida. Hahaha. @ksulli--glad we're not alone on this one! It is cracking me up. He will point and say "dis" and then go get what he wants and come back to cuddle/rock to sleep. So funny.
  • That's so funny/adorable! I'm basically trying to force an attachment with a stuffed owl, but my LO is not having it. Not sure why I feel he should be attached to something, but I kind of do! DD is inseparable from her teddy and sucks her fingers - so many attachment issues! It just seems normal to me, but it's probably better that he doesn't.
  • I have an elephant I really want LO to love, but so far all I can get is random plastic items. Maybe eventually they'll get the hint and love the cute things we have chosen for them, @yellowflower15 !
  • @Sporty1216 glad I'm not the only one trying to force it! :)
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