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Poll: which "ella"?

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we love these three names and have been going back and forth for the middle name. We like Francisca for all of them but are open to others! Please pick your favorite first name and suggest a middle name for the one you picked if you don't like Francisca. TIA

Poll: which "ella"? 109 votes

42% 46 votes
4% 5 votes
50% 55 votes
I'm going to leave a suggestion
2% 3 votes
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Re: Poll: which "ella"?

  • I voted Gabriela. I suggest Arabella too.

  • I voted Gabriella. But Isabella is nice too.

    Pretty sure Aubriella's not a name. Adding Ella to a teaditionally masculine name doesn't make it feminine.

  • Other "ella" suggestions: Annabella, Daniela, Rosella, Rosabella

  • LC122LC122 member
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    Other suggestion: Mariella
  • Voted Isabella, but really I like Ella or Stella best. Not crazy about Francisca with any of them, because everything ends in a.
  • lifeisapeachlifeisapeach member
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    I agree with Francisca not being a great fit with any of them.
  • Stella Frances is lovely.
  • mvhydemvhyde member
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    I like Gabriella.
    Because I like name meanings, and Gabriella can mean messenger of god, I suggest Gabriella Hope, Gabriella Alexa (defender of mankind), Gabriella Ophelie (a derivative of Ophelia which means helper, but I didn't like -ella with elia).

    Just for the sound and flow I like Gabriella Therese.
  • 'Bella' and 'Ella' names are far from my taste, but I voted Isabella because I like the name Isabelle. Aubriella is made up and needs to be off the table. Gabriela is nice, but I dislike the nickname Gabby.
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  • Love all your suggestions! I'm a teacher so I've heard a lot of names, Aubriella was one of them and I fell in love with her nicknames of Aubri and Briella. Thanks for the input!!!
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  • LNic5LNic5 member
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  • I'm pretty sure my three year old nephew called an umbrella "briella" at some point.

    I'm not a fan of any of the -ella names at this point. They all get used and abused way too often these days so I would just stay away.
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