Babies: 3 - 6 Months

Sleep regression

Anyone have any tips or pointers for dealing with the 4 month sleep regression? I'm not a fan of the CIO method at all and won't entertain that, and nor do I think my daughter needs to be on solids so early. Just a couple of tips how to deal if anyone has any. Thanks in advance!

Re: Sleep regression

  • Just be patient. I've been through it with 2 kids now and it sucks. Stick with your routine, stay consistent and it will pass.
  • Thanks @Bigboobsmcgee I spoke to my mum in the midst of the meltdown last night and she said the same thing. Baby was fed, bathed, and just grizzling and from the night before I was very short on sleep. My husband took her downstairs whilst I slept (expressed bottle ready just in case), and 40 mins later she was happily fast asleep on his chest. Sometimes it's nice just to hear that it's normal!
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