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Car seat question

A friend from work gave me the car seat she used for her daughter.  (It's not expired and hasn't been in any accidents.)  It's a Britax B-safe.  

Anyway, I was looking at it today, and I am concerned that it might be missing an infant insert/head support.  The Britax website is down, so I can't check it.  And, I can't tell from the product description on amazon and other sites whether or not I am missing a piece. 

Any advice?
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Re: Car seat question

  • is it the b safe or the b safe elite?  One difference between them is that the elite has an additional piece that is like side wings by the head.  They adjust up with the harness straps as the child grows.  They are not removable but a part of the car seat itself.  There are a couple other differences between the b safe and the bsafe elite.  The elite does not require you to unthread the harness starps as you adjust them.  They have a slide type mechanism that pulls up.  Also the elite has more padding inside. There are some colors the elite comes in that are not available on the b safe. 

    You may have viewed the b safe elite online and saw the difference with that head wing type part and thought yours was missing it? 

    Now I think the regular b safe has a little extra pillow type infant supporter that might go in and is removable.  It would be just a 1/2 oval shaped piece that would go around the head of a newborn to help support them .  If that is missing it really isn't a big deal.  You could buy a head supporter at probably any store that has baby stuff and it would probably be more supportive than the one that came with the carseat itself.  The carseat ones are generally pretty whimpy.  Or its not really necessary at all....or at least never was for me but I have those big babies that are not really swallowed up by a carseat even when first born.  Also, usually those little removable parts like that can be reordered from the manufacture itself if you really wanted one. 

    I just bought the b safe elite myself for this baby.  I have owned many infant seats and really like this one. One of my favorite things is that the base on it is very slim.  It takes up less than the full width of a seating area in my vehicle.  I can have a regular carseat next to it, the b safe elite and then an adult size person can sit next to that without any squishing in.  This is important to me who has a full vehicle load!  Anyways, its a great made seat so if I was you I would not hesitate to use it.  They are more expensive than a lot of infant car seats so its saving you a bundle and you are getting one of the best out there!
  • Thanks, @cneiding!  It's the regular b-safe, not the b-safe elite.  I was so incredibly thankful to get it.  In fact, she had two bases as well, so one for my fiance's car and one for mine.  Talk about convenience!  We ordered the Britax stroller that will just pop the car seat in.  I am really excited about that.  

    Yes, I have seen the elite and saw the extra pad.  We definitely have the one that you need to rethread the straps as baby grows.  I cleaned it last night (found a few old Cheerios, lol) and it's pretty much ready to go.  

    I just want to make sure we have all the parts so the hospital lets us take her home, lol.  Again, thanks for the response!!!  I appreciate it!
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  • any hospital I have ever delivered in did not really diligently check carseats.  I always had the infant seat and strapped the baby in before we left my room so they could see we had a seat but they never like checked to make sure it was adjusted correctly or baby was strapped in right or that the base was in the car or installed correctly or anything.  I am doubting they would even know if a little piece or part was missing on your seat...after all they would have to  know each seat out there and what was included with them etc.

    Anyways, it doesn't effect the performance of the seat or safety.  Its just sort of a comfort type thing.  When my first was born no car seats out there came with things like those supporter pieces.  We rolled up little receiving blankets and placed them beside babies.  Some time after that I started seeing the supporters you could purchase seperately and then they started including them in seats. 

    The Britax stroller is nice too.  I purchased another stroller a little less than a year ago and looked at the Britax.  What I didn't like was that the doubles kit placed the second seat so low to the ground and practically under the stroller.  That kid would have very little view and I can't imagine they would enjoy that much.  Of course not an issue with just one child but something to consider if another is in the plans!  I went with the baby jogger city select  because it was back to front double and both kids sat up high and both seats had a high weight limit.  I love it.  I just bought the connectors for my b safe for it.  makes it function like the britax stroller where you just click the car seat in.  You can remove them and use a stroller seat or slip them into the slots for the seat and use the car seat instead. 
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