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Hello ladies! I have been positing on the TTC>35 for months now and sooooo happy to begin posting over here:) I know it's still very very early but I am just so elated with joy and plus I still want that support as I know it's a crucial time. I just found out I was pregnant on June 18th as I POAS numerous times and it was clear it was positive! I am 38 and DH is 34. I know that I am very blessed because we only started trying in January when I stopped BCP. I honestly didn't believe it would happen at all, let alone this soon. I went to doctor this past Thursday and they did the OB panel blood work and of course I POAS again so doctor confirmed. She thinks I'm about 4-5 weeks. I think I'm still in shock. But I'm trying not to focus on the "what If something bad happens" mentality but it's hard. This is my first ever pregnancy. So I'm taking it all in and enjoying every moment. My first ultrasound isn't until July 16th and that sounds so far away:( but glad to be here and see familiar names!!!

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  • Congrats and welcome!!!!
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  • Congratulations and welcome!! I know what you mean about waiting for ultrasounds and things.

    I wish you a very happy 9mths!
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  • Congrats and welcome! Excited for you to get that first look at your LO!
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  • congratulations.  you will be amazed when you look back how fast it all goes by!
  • Congratulations and welcome! I'm a professional worrier, so feel free to reach out should you get too anxious!
  • Ahhhh thank you so much ladies!!! And @plainjane8350 you can count on me reaching out! I swear my husband has told me "just relax" probably 1000 times already;) I'm not having many symptoms though and I guess my expectations were so different when I imagined being pregnant. But I am having a few symptoms so that's something:)
  • Congrats! Happy and healthy 9 months!
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  • Congratulations!


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    Me 43 DH 48 Not actively ttc, surprise BFP on 1/6/11! 4/1/11 m/c our sunshine at 16wks after complications from CVS test.  *5th cycle after loss 12/6/11 BFP! Missed m/c at 9 weeks 1/21/12, trisomy 14. Two Chemical PG 3/12&7/12
    ** BFP 8/16/12 beta #1 148! beta#2 407 beta #3 4000 u/s 9.10 1 lovely hb 126, Baby Boy born 5/6/2013!

    TTC #2, bpf 1/15/15 Baby Girl due Oct 1! She's here, 9/26/2015! 

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  • Congrats and Welcome!!!
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    Me(35) Him(35) Untied for life 4/1/2015.
    TTC Our 1st since 8/2014
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    BFP: 2/19/2015 EDD: 11/1/2015 IT'S A BOY!!!!

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