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Introduction (PAIF and Siggy Warning)

I'm not sure if this is the right place for me, so I hope not to offend anyone if it is.

First, I am actively on the PAIF board (and all that entails). I've been lurking and posting there since January. I had a very frustrating IF journey because for 2 of the 3 years they diagnoses me with everything from endometriosis (via surgery- but once the results were reviewed by a different doctor it turned out it was an incorrect diagnosis), PCOS, and pelvic inflammatory disease. I was put on a slew of medicines including progesterone and lupron depot. I went through 2-3 cycles of Clomid before they decided to stop and test my husband. We now know the reason is male IF. After that we went through two cycles of IUIs and ultimately switched REs to get a better opinion. Apparently we were just wasting our money because the numbers and morphology just wasn't high enough no matter how many supplements, days of absences, ect. we tried. Last August we sat down and decided to take the IVF jump.

My purpose in wanting to join this board is to help support people who are considering going through IVF or adding on other fertility treatments. I'm concerned that my presence will upset people in the general IF board but was hoping that since this board is open to both PAIF and SAIF that this is a better place for me.
*Siggy Warning*


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