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Im New Intro..Open mind

Hi I'm new here and i just wanted some advice,suggestions,or even stories that anyone may want to share..
I Conceived In February, and found out at 4weeks. i was very excited so i told everyone about it .. i completely fell in love with my baby girl .. one day just started spotting and later it got heavier went to the hospital and they could not find a heart beat. the baby stopped growing at 13 weeks , so i got a d&c on aug 19th, now that was 7 weeks ago and i got my first AF on june 21. me and my husband have not been trying but we haven't been preventing it either. if anyone has anything they want to share i am more than willing to hear them out, In times like these its nice to have someone to talk to that went through the same thing .
sorry for the long post.

Re: Im New Intro..Open mind

  • I just wanted to say that I'm sorry that happened to you. We had a missed miscarriage and it was our first, a huge shock. Thinking of you!
  • thank you! did you get pregnant again and how soon if you dont mind me asking
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    I'm currently on couch potato rest and incredibly bored, feel free to ask me anything! My OBGYN recommended that we wait three cycles, so we did. In those three months, I went to a fertility specialist for answers to my loss and he didn't recommend waiting, he said there was no "science" to it. We waited anyway, though. I got pregnant again the second month we tried. I tried using ovulation sticks, but they didn't work for me. They'd go from not ovulating to peak with no in between and give me multiple peaks per month, it was weird. One of my friends used a pregnancy app, so I downloaded one and used that.
  • what app is it called do you remember?
  • What's weird is that, somewhere along the way, it disappeared from my apps and I never removed it because I was like, "It's good luck, I want to use it again!" I'll Google it, but it was something like Magic Day. My friend used Ovia and I think she got pregnant on the first try. I'll Google and see if I can't find mine, though, because it wasn't in my app store either. I only picked mine because I liked the little icons that told you when to try, I think they were little hearts? I don't know if it helped or not, and I sincerely apologize if this is T.M.I, but on heart days I was always on the bottom and made sure to stay laying down afterwards, sometimes with my hips elevated.
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    O.K, it looks like it's just renamed and is called Once now. It was actually still on my phone, just under the new name so I didn't catch on. Duh. Speaking of apps, half of the time the Bump won't let me post so here's my email if you ever ask me something and I don't respond or you just want to chat.
  • Welcome @Aleydis20!  I'm so sorry for your loss.  I'm pregnant for the 3rd time after miscarriages at 9.5 weeks and 6 weeks. It's been quite a ride. I'm sending you positive thoughts so that hopefully you'll have a rainbow baby soon!
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