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Should I be worried?

So I went for my first ultrasound this week thinking I was 6w3d. Baby measured 5w5d and doctor wasn't worried but wants me to come back next week for a followup ultrasound and said by then, we should definitely see a hb. My concern is that my dates were so far off. With my DD, my dates were 2 days off and with my angel baby my dates were only one day off. I had a d&c may 8, based on OPKs I ovulated may 24 or 25, and got a BFP June 9 after a negative June 6. We DTD may 22 and may 24 only since our mc so I know when I got pregnant. So, if I implanted a little later, would that cause the baby to measure behind or should baby be measuring based on fertilization? I am going to ask my doctor next week, but just wanted to know if you ladies had a similar experience good or bad and if you know if dating is from fertilization or implantation. I should also mention, doctor saw a yolk sac and fetal pole and what he thought was a heartbeat but with the size, he couldn't get a good view to measure the potential hb.

Re: Should I be worried?

  • I'd try not to worry too much. Ultrasound measurements are so subjective. If they measure three times, they literally get three different measurements. I'd take the follow-up and go from there. I'm a worrier and my family and doctor finally convinced me that the more you can reduce your worry/stress, the better it is for the baby's development. They just moved my due date up a week and I'm further along, so you'd think she'd be easier to measure! I know it's hard, but try to relax and send him/her positive vibes.
  • I don't think you should worry too much . . . though I know from personal experience that when you're pregnant after a loss, it's impossible not to worry!  

    I measured a full week behind at my first appointment, though I wasn't too terribly surprised due to having a long/irregular cycle.  My ultrasound printout stated I was 6 wks 3 days +/- 4 days (meaning I could actually be anywhere from 5 wks 6 days to 7 wks).  I'm sure there was a margin of error in your ultrasound as well,  your doctor probably just didn't tell you.  
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  • There is a margin of +/- 2 days. I am hoping the OPK just picked up my hormone level early or I ovulated later than that. Or if I implanted a little later would that change my measurements? I am going to ask tomorrow, obviously but was hoping to get some experiences from you ladies. Thanks! I have also always based my EDD off LMO, but since I haven't had one since the loss, maybe that is reason for the variance in days. I hope we see growth and a hb tomorrow! Prayers appreciated!
  • My cycle was crazy after my loss, but you're also extra fertile so anything's possible. Praying like crazy for you and your sticky little bean!
  • Yes, it is.  My first baby was the same way - she is two now.  She measured a week behind early on, and no heartbeat was heard at the first scan, they told me it was a blighted ovum and to expect to start bleeding soon - I never did.

    My miscarriage had dates that were way closer in line than that.

    This pregnancy is about 5 days behind, but has picked up the pace quickly and would now have me delivering 2 days ahead of schedule.  Sorry for the rambling but I'm an engineer and I always find numbers and data help me when I'm feeling anxious.  I know it's hard to wait but you sound like me, and it usually makes up time a few weeks later!

    Sending good vibes...

    DD born 6/14/13 MC Nov 2014 BFP on Mother's Day EDD 1/6/16
  • Appointment went great. Baby is measuring 7 weeks now which is more where I think I should be. Strong heartbeat of 133. Next ultrasound July 14. Thanks for all the support ladies!
  • Thank God, congratulations!
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