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swimsuit with flotation device in it?

I am planning on taking my kiddo to a waterpark because they have some kiddo places for her to splash and play. She is in swim lessons but cant indrpendently swim. Im wondering what you ladies recommend. I dont know if she should just have floaties or if I should get her a special swimsuit with the floatation device in it? Like it has some foam or something in it. Any advice would be awesome!

Re: swimsuit with flotation device in it?

  • I tried the flotation vest on my daughter, but it kept riding up on her and made her face-plant in the water.  Other parents told me it did the same on their kids.  So I just got my daughter a  Puddle Jumper, which basically is like water wings with a flotation on the chest as well.  It is approved by the Coast Guard and it works really well.  My daughter loves it, and it allows for them to float on their backs still as they learn to swim.  They sell them at Walmart and Target for about $20.
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  • I second the puddle jumper.  My daughter goes crazy in that thing.  She will paddle around with it on without us holding on to her.  She also takes swim lessons, and they are starting them off in them before slowing phasing them out.


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  • My DD has a swim suit with built-in floats. She kinda steps into it & we zip it at her back. She loves the freedom it gives her & of course with proper supervision she had a blast in our family pool.

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  • Loooove the puddle jumper!
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