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Lila/Lyla pronunciation

Hi all. This may be a dumb question but would you pronounce Lila and Lyla the same? I think of Lila as Mila with an L but maybe I'm spelling it wrong? Thanks for the help!

Re: Lila/Lyla pronunciation

  • I pronounce it long i. Like L-eye-lah.
  • Agree with pp. My nieces name is Lilah. L-eye-luh
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  • jennlo11203jennlo11203 member
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    Thank you. So say if you want Mila with an L like Li-la, how would you spell it. I don't know if I'm making sense or just made this name up in my head lol!
  • I've heared Lila pronounced both ways L-ee-lah and L-eye-lah.

  • That's what I figured. I don't want Lyla. But I love Lila but I'm afraid everyone will call her Lyla.
  • Leela, Leila are options. I would pronounce it L-eye-la
  • I pronounce them the same. L-eye-la

  • Thank you. I think Leela would be the correct way to spell it. Thanks so much
  • Huh! I've never heard it pronounced like that. I like it :)
  • If I have a girl my husband and I decided on Lyla and we would pronounce it like lie-la
  • Huh! I've never heard it pronounced like that. I like it :)

    Haha I think I made it up. I'm not really sure lol. I think I combined Lyla and Mila!

  • Lila (L-eye-la) and Layla (which I think is pronounced phonetically)... Like the Eric Clapton song.
  • Lila the arsonist on Dexter pronounced it L-eye-la ;) Leela like futurama?

  • It's spelled Laila (lie-la) if one wishes to pronounce it that way. Of course you can spell it any uni-Kay Way one wishes to. But the correct spelling is Laila. That's Hebrew. If you want to spell it like Eric Clapton's song Layla (that's Arabic.) Lila I would think of Mila.
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