Rant about twin pregnancy

I have been getting a lot of people saying they feel sorry for me because I'm pregnant with twins and I'm getting so frustrated. I don't know what to say and it hurts my feelings that people think its a curse or a burden to have twins. I am so very very thankful that God blessed me with these 2 babies and don't understand why people need to be so rude and say they feel sorry for me. Anyone else experciencing this?

Re: Rant about twin pregnancy

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    I've experience this too, I get a lot of sarcastic "good lucks" and sympathetic faces. I tend to just smile and end the conversation, I feel the same as you do- this is nothing but a blessing and if people don't see it that way, that's their problem!
    I went to a multiples class and a suggestion they had was when you get a rude comment or question, respond with " that's interesting, why do you ask/ why do you feel that way?" I think that forces people to stop and think about how what they said might be offensive.
  • Well I am going to be blunt..... you have to get a thicker skin.  There is ALWAYS going to be someone who is going to say something that is ill timed, not thought out, or down right rude.  Just smile and say " well I am sure grateful/happy/blessed/lucky."
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  • I am getting the same thing. I just say right back to them that we are excited and feel so lucky. I also throw in all positive reasons why expecting twins is amazing.
  • I surprisingly haven't had any negativity about having twins. Everyone has been excited for me because I'm having one of each and apparently it's a perfect family. I get more shit about being stepmom to 2 toddlers than carrying twins
  • Yeah, wait til your twins get here. The insults don't stop.
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  • "Don't feel sorry! I'm just glad it's me and not you" :)

    That seemed to do the trick for me!
  • I have to say when we found out we were having twins, I was a ball of emotions. Happy, sad (for my daughter), concerned, worried, blessed, etc.  I think most people don't have experience with Twins (like I do) and automatically think of pure chaos, no sleep, etc.  But as I have had time to process (and I am still processing), I am more and more excited to see what our life will be like and having identical twins is definitely rare, so I feel blessed.  I know people can come off as mean or rude, but I just don't know if they understand. 


    One lady told me, "You're a stronger woman than I am because I would be a wreck!"  I took that as a compliment.

  • I have to say that I got just as many rude comments with my first pregnancy that was just 1 baby. People made all kinds of comments about how I'll never sleep again and that my husband and I would get a divorce. One woman at a party even told me to be careful after I ate 1 chip, because I'd still have to take off all the baby weight after I had the baby. Some people are just miserable and can't figure out to be genuinely happy for others. It used to bother me, but now I just ignore all the comments and go about my day.
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  • I've been getting these comments too. When we announced on Facebook among the very positive comments were sprinkled a few "good luck!" or "that's a lot of work!"

    It pisses me off because although we didn't choose to have twins, we couldn't be happier and consider ourselves very fortunate.

    The funny thing is the people giving the "good luck" comments either don't have kids or have singletons... the few twin parents we've talked to say it's so much more rewarding than challenging and consider it a blessing. So I figure some people are either jealous or just plain jerks.
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