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3 hr oral glucose test

Hi Got back my blood test result from 3 hr OGTT. In the same time as they withdrawed blood I used my glucometer to see and compare numbers. How come the numbers differ so much? 

Name Value Reference Range 
GLUCOSE, FASTING 75 65-94 mg/dL 
GLUCOSE, 1 HOUR 127 <180 mg/dL 
GLUCOSE, 2 HOUR 122 <155 mg/dL 
GLUCOSE, 3 HOUR 44 <140 mg/dL 

How come blood withdraw test result was different from my glucometer. i just cant belive the results differ so much. The follow are results taken from glucometer 
Fasting 82 
1 hr 170mg/dl 
2 hr 145 mg/ dl 
3 hr 63 mg/dl 

thank you
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