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Blanched after pumping

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hi all, I'm wondering if it's normal to have blanched/white-ish nipples right after pumping for several minutes? Do I have the suction up too high??

Also, I'm small breasted and have a lot of condensation and air in the cups during. I'm using the smallest 21 mm but I have to press it up against my breast super tight or my whole areola and surrounding breast get sucked in and out and make a big flopping sound. Anyone else encounter this issue?

Re: Blanched after pumping

  • I have had some blanching and noticed turning suction down has helped. The simple wishes nursing bra by Lansinoh has also helped me with keeping the suction consistent. I would say though to definitely call a lactation consultant and run it by them. I have called numerous times the consultants at the hospital I gave birth and always feel a million times better afterwards.
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