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Gifts for shower hostesses

Has anyone thought about getting their shower hostess(es) gifts accompanied with the thank-you card?  A few I'm considering are: gift card for pedicure, bottle of wine & stopper and/or chocolate, a potted flower - an orchid or something similar.  I'll have 8 people total, as I have more than one hostess per shower, so I'd like to get them each something nice without breaking the bank.  What is everyone else doing for their hostess(es)?

Re: Gifts for shower hostesses

  • What you are planning sounds great. When my mom hosted my bridal shower I gave her a nice hanging planter because she loves flowers. 
  • I had multiple showers and hostesses so I did most of the above - a bottle of wine, a pedicure certificate, a coffee shop one, and one for a garden centre.
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  • I bought my mom a really nice splurge brand candle that she loves to get. (like $40)

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  • I made gift bags with chocolate, wine, and homemade ( not by me lol) soaps. I also grabbed a bouquet of fresh flowers for each hostess.
  • I'm stumped, as i have 7 hostess for my shower. Nobody wanted to be left out of the planning. They're all so different, but we're so strapped for cash right now, i can't afford to be too lavish. We just had our A/C break and need to be replaced, and my oldest is off to college. Eeek
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    When I hosted a shower for a friend she made me a gift basket full of fancy shower stuff (gel, bubble bath, etc.) and gave it to me with a note saying something along the lines of "Thank you for throwing me a wonderful shower, now I hope to help make your showers wonderful to". It sounded much nicer the way she worded it.

    It was a great gift and very thoughtful, especially because she knew me well enough to even pick out my favorite scents.

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  • I bought them each a candle from Williams Sonoma with a handwritten thank you card.
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