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Ft. Carson, Peterson AFB?

Any Colorado military mommas on here?! I'm currently at Carson. I would love to connect with you all! :)

Re: Ft. Carson, Peterson AFB?

  • I'm 28 weeks and we are at Carson!
  • Yay! :) I'm 13 weeks!
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  • Exciting! Are you being seen at Evans or off post?
  • I'm at Evans although I've been to two appointments off post. You?
  • I'm being seen off post at cshp so I'll deliver at st Francis. I was have issues in my first trimester and didn't want to wait their mandatory 12 weeks for an ultrasound so I switched to standard!
  • Oh I know exactly where that is at! :) I've had very unpleasant experiences at Evans so I'm jealous! I had issues as well and they gave me an ultrasound at 7 weeks. So far I've had one at every appt. Crazy.
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