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Appropriate bedtime??

My LO is 5 months, and goes to sleep at night pretty easily, but is NOT sleeping through the night.  She used to, but then the wonderful 4 month sleep regression hit and has not let up.  Many sleep sites say to make sure they have an appropriate bedtime that is early, and it can help them sleep for longer stretches at night.  What most of them don't explain is what the heck is an appropriate bedtime?? We start her bedtime routine (bath, bottle, book, bed) at 7:30 and she is usually asleep by 8:15-8:30.  

What time do your around 5 month old infants go to sleep at night?  

Re: Appropriate bedtime??

  • I am by no means an expert (my LO just turned 4 months today), but I actually read an article about this yesterday. The Pediatrician who wrote it suggested a bedtime of 7:00pm so that baby could sleep a longer stretch. I put LO down at 7:20pm last night, and I had to wake her up (because I work and needed to feed her and drop her off) at 5:40am today. She slept so soundly, and I'm sure she would've slept more had I not waken her. Maybe shift your routine up an hour if that doesn't conflict with your schedule. Best of luck to you and your LO! 
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    It really depends on your day schedule but it seems like you bedtime is too late. My almost 6 month old twins ( on a 3 nap schedule) go to bed at 6pm (6:30 at the latest!) if they have napped well and 5:30 if they had crap naps or skipped their last nap.  They are starting the 3-2 nap transition and refused their last nap today so bedtime was 5:30 and they will sleep until 6:30-7am.  From the sleep boards I read ( and I am obsessed with them their bedtime is very normal. 

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  • My dh gets home from work about five, so I put babe down after dinner about 8:30. He sleeps about ten hours at night and a total of four in the day. He is four months. This is also normal. Appropriate time varied among babies and as baby develops, at least imho.

    I will say he seems to wake up the same time every day regardless of when he goes to sleep, so an early bedtime means more sleep.
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  • Mine starts getting cranky at 7 and asleep ny 7:30. Of course she is the only one who has had any type of schedule out of our 4 girls. She usually wakes around 3a to eat then back to bed. Now that she is turning 6mths, I think she is going through the sleep regression bc the last 3 nights has been horrid.
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  • Omg I start our bedtime routine at 9-930 PM . Lo is asleep by 10-1030 ! I'm shocked to see so many early bedtimes !

    I put him down late so he can sleep later in the morning. (I don't work) so he wakes up at about 730-8 and is ready for his morning nap by 1030-11 .

    Also my baby sleeps through the night and he's almost 5 months old . He doesn't wake up for nighttime feelings or anything .
  • I give my baby a bath at 8:15. I try to get him in his crib to sleep around 8:30.

    He wakes up between 7-8am, eats, then takes a nap at 9am.
  • OP sounds like a reasonable bed time to me. My 9 month old goes down anywhere between 7-8pm each night. Sometimes 6:30 if she's really tired.
  • Best of luck with the sleep regression! I'm back to some nighttime feedings myself, but those couple weeks of 6 hour stretches were amazing!

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