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Confused about boiling and powder safety...please chime in!

I have genuine anxiety about stopping what little breast feeding I'm able to do and going all formula.  At this point DD gets ready to serve, about 8-10 oz a day.  Not awful price wise, but when I think of JUST doing ready to serve at 24-30 oz a day it starts to get ridiculous!  So, my stress is that the CDC site ( if you want to be extra cautious with powder to boil and then put in powder.  BUT my ped acted like this would leach the nutrients.  I'm lost and totally paranoid about bacteria in the powder.  Help!

Re: Confused about boiling and powder safety...please chime in!

  • I have never heard of having to boil the is totally safe don't worry I fed both mine the powder. There are so many restrictions on baby formula u will be fine! Just as long as the seals are still good on the containers don't worry...I would be more worried about the water u use over the safety of the formula powder...your little 1 will be fine best of luck!
  • Do you mean you want to boil already made formula?? That's not how you do it. If you're concerned about water safety, boil a bunch of water in the morning (in a pot or tea kettle), this will sterilize it. Then cool, then whenever you need to feed, just pour into baby's bottle, add powder, mix and serve. No reason to freak out. Also food for thought - once your baby starts moving she will stick the nastiest things imaginable in her mouth and introduce all kind of germs into her system. That's a way to build immunity btw... When my older started rolling and crawling she would lick the floor whenever she got to,the hardwoods...I caught the LO doing the same the other day... It's fine!
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  • Thanks for the feedback.  This is what I'm worried about:
    • If your baby gets formula, choose infant formula sold in liquid form, especially when your baby is a newborn or very young. Liquid formulations of infant formula are made to be sterile and should not transmit Cronobacter infection.
    • If your baby gets powdered infant formula, follow these steps
      If your baby gets powdered infant formula, there are things you can do to protect your baby from infections – not just Cronobacter infections. Good hygiene, mixing the formula with water hot enough to kill germs, and safely storing formula can prevent growth of Cronobacter bacteria and other germs. These are keys to keeping your baby safe and healthy.
    • Use hot water (158 degrees F/70 degrees C and above) to make formula
  • I never boiled water when I made my daughter's bottles. I just used regular hot tap water (we have a filter) or nursery water. The nursery water was a gift otherwise, I wouldn't have used it. It's relatively inexpensive at less than a $1 for a jug. I just made sure any powder formula I bought, did not have any broken seals. We very rarely used ready to made formula. It was too think for my daughter, and I always ended up watering it down. 
  • I am not trying to be dismissive f your concerns but in the same article you just quoted there is a section that talks about how RARE that particular bacterial infection is. They mention 3-4 cases per year. In the entire country. Yes, they were self reported, but do realize that there is such a low incidence of it that honestly losing your mind over it is silly! Especially in a healthy older infant. Your kid has a better chance of catching something from touching a handle of a shopping cart...
  • This is a link to a video I found that prepares formula according to WHO.

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