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partner problems

I'm new to this app & new to this whole thing (pregnancy) really, but i have no one else to turn to about my issues & even the one person who's suppose to be here for me, my partner (bf, father of my child) i can't even go to about anything im dealing with or how im feeling, because he just does not seem to care. It hurts because i just feel like he has no interest in our baby or my pregnancy & all i want is for us to ne in this together... idk what i should do i just feel so alone in this.. how can i get him to be more involved? Can anyone please just give me some advice & help me feel a bit better.. my hormones are all over the place right now! ;,(

Re: partner problems

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    foreskforesk member
    Hey! Just try and focus on your pregnancy. Read books about pregnancy and parenthood, do some baby shopping, pack your hospital bag, decorate the nursery etc. When I was pregnant I would use all the pregnancy apps and websites imaginable to keep track of what's going on with the baby inside me. I was telling my husband about the progress every time I learned something interesting, like can you imagine that our baby already has nails on her little fingers lol? I would try and get him involved into this whole parenting thing, which was new to the both if us. Believe me once that baby of yours comes into this world, you will never feel alone. He/she will be keeping you busy and entertained all the time. Good luck to you!!
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    Buy him some fun Dad to be books. That's what worked for my DH. I also agree with PP to tell him everything you're learning. It can be frustrating to be the one doing all the legwork but at least he'll be forced to learn. Also communicate with him as much as possible and tell him what would be helpful for you. And know that a lot of dads step up once the baby is actually born, it can just be hard for them to grasp it's really happening before baby is here.
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