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Follies have disappeared! Has anyone had this happen to them?

Hi all.  I'm on my 3rd Clomid cycle, taken days 5 - 9.  Day 10 doctor found 3 follies!  1 x 15mm and 2 x 18mm. 
 I was told to go back for further scan and possible trigger shot 3 days later. (Day 13)
Day 13 and it was a different doctor on duty, who gave me the scan and couldn't see anything!    I asked her if I could have possibly ovulated, but she said there would have been some 'shadowing' if I had, but unfortunately there was nothing to suggest there had even been 3 follies there.   

After several minutes, she then found a very dubious looking shadow which she said MAY be a follie and measured it at 15mm and said she'd give me a trigger shot anyway so as not to let the cycle go to waste.  Anyone else heard of this?

Re: Follies have disappeared! Has anyone had this happen to them?

  • Are you seeing a RE? Or an OB? OBs are not experts in dealing w IF, so its hard to know what may be going on.
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  • Hmmmm that sounds extremely fishy to me. Follies just don't disappear. I agree with Carrie, sounds like you may have some inexperience on your hands, which is scary. I went through 6 cycles of clomid before going to femara and I never had any disappearing follicles. And not to mention 2 at 18mm is a pretty good size. My first thought is that you already ovulated and the one she saw was the smaller follie, but who knows. I hope this cycle isn't a bust for you. Your provider sounds questionable... I'd shop around
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  • My RE said that follicles on clomid keep growing when they hit 15mm, but until then they can come and go, but with 18mm that sounds very unusual. I would guess the 18mm ovulated. Are you seeing an RE? Also, clomid follicles need to me 20mm before trigger so not sure why they would trigger you at 15mm if he thought that was your only follicle. I would definitely shop around as well.
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  • @fitjo any updates on your cycle?
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