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I am currently registered at Target, but the closest Target to where we live is about 55 minutes away. We have Walmart and Shopko here in town, but I'm not a fan there as much as Target. What would you do if you were in my shoes? Just list the Target registry and label it as ""? I'm asking because my host has asked me if we are going to make a local registry. Anyone had experience with this in the past?

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  • Maybe make a small Walmart registry in addition to the Target one so that certain people can go in person to the store if they want/need to.
  • I agree with PP, make the Walmart one stuff they have that you like. The stuff Walmart doesnt have that you want have on the Target registry. I don't mind when stuff is online because I'm an early shopper for showers. It will be a problem for the late shoppers. You may just end up with a bunch or Target gift cards, assuming there is somewhere by you that someone can purchase gift cards.
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  • I'm in the same position as you and I decided to make a small registry at Walmart for those people that don't shop online or won't venture to the nearest target (or babies r us, in my case).
  • I was in the same situation when I was pregnant. My family lives in a small town (along with most of my friends) and there is where my shower was. I know quite a few people wouldn't have a problem going to Target an hour away. But I wanted to make sure there was an option for those that didn't want to travel or go online (mostly the older people). So I also made a small registry at both Walmart and Shopko (which we had in town). I registered for more basic things at those places. Like, a bathtub and a diaper genie. And then cute things for the nursery and pretty blankets and stuff that I would prefer from Target were registered there. I also used my Target registry as a list of things I wanted to get myself as well. Completion discount! 

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