Pregnant after 35

Boobs stopped hurting all of a sudden at 7.5 weeks.

I'm scared. They were so painful last night and now they barely hurt at all. My hCG was at 22,900 at 7 weeks. Everything was good. I'm 37 and first time mom, never thought I'd get pregnant and SO AFRAID of miscarriage. Is this normal? Does anyone else's boobs pain level fluctuate?

Re: Boobs stopped hurting all of a sudden at 7.5 weeks.

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    Yes! Don't worry...even though I still did! I'd Google and read that it was normal, I'd still worry. They'd get sore again and I'd feel better, then they'd get less sore or less full and I'd start worrying again. The nurse at my doctor's office finally told me she'd work me in for a quick ultrasound to ease my mind. You can always ask for that, just be honest about how afraid you are and they should squeeze you in. She had me come in when my doctor wasn't even in, so they weren't busy and I just saw a tech.
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    many pregnancy symptoms come and go day by day.  Its best to try not to worry and enjoy the good day because tomorrow could be a 1000 symptom day!
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    Mine come and good day to two bad days
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    f786f786 member
    My boobs only hurt first trimester then they totally stopped im 38 weeks...nuthin to worry about
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    It is funny how we want to feel miserable when we are pregnant.  Yes, it is normal for it to stop, start again or just stop all together.
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    So grateful for this thread. Was just thinking/worrying about this myself.
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