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Recent L&D stories from Blanchfield at Fort Campbell

ive been seeing a lot of negative stories from Blanchfield but most of them are from 3 years ago. Just wondering if anything has changed since then or if anyone has had better experiences.

Re: Recent L&D stories from Blanchfield at Fort Campbell

  • They were very kind and caring the last time I was there in Dec. my daughter was premature and stillborn, and they made such a horrible experience easier to do. They have gotten much better in the last few years, and if I'm not just late (i gagged over mashed potatoes... So I don't think a test is necessary, except as definite confirmation...) I'll probably request to NOT globally transfer to a perinatologist, so I can deliver there again next March. (Our other three were born there, when their reputation was... worse than bad. They have raised the bar since then!)

    I hope this helps
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  • I know this is an older post, but I thought I'd chime in for future readers. As the pp said, Bach has improved over the past few years. They're in a transition again, though, and I'm not sure which direction things are going. My favorite OB and midwives (two of which were in charge) and a few nurses have left in the past year and I haven't worked with the new staff members yet. There are some OBs and midwives there who are very resistant to women being educated and exercising their rights to informed choices during labor. Others are fantastic. The problem is you may have a great one for one shift, then get an awful one for the next. As a doula, I have seen quite a variety of births there in the past five years. 2014 was a rough run for me and I was ready to quit going back there, but it seems to be a little better now.
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