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40 weeks...no dilation

yep gave in and got checked today....my due date.  NOt a bit dilated and she said "maybe" a little bit effaced.  I think the maybe was just so she didn't have to say "and not even effaced" because that would make it seem pretty bleak!  Oh well.  I wasn't really surprised as I don't tend to dilate until in labor but thought just maybe this time.  Looks like I just might have quite a ways to go like usual.   Her check really did make me feel very achy crampy icky and have pretty hard spotting so maybe she stirred things up enough to get some progress going.

Re: 40 weeks...no dilation

  • Sorry to hear about your lack of progress.  Hope things get moving for you soon!  
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  • I hope you go into labor soon!


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  • Walk, walk, walk. Gravity helps.
  • Walk, walk, walk. Gravity helps.

    Not for me!  If you added up all I walked being post due in all my pregnancies I probably went from coast to coast and back...and it never helped! 

    I do, for exercise reasons, normally walk about 3 miles a day and up and down very steep hills.  Plus normally I am on my feet pretty much all day.  Yesterday I sat down in the car in morning to go to walmart, Then was on my feet non stop until 8:30 when I sat down to put my youngest to sleep.  I even ate standing up as I was baking other things at the time and had 2 ovens going rotating batches of cookies in and out. 

    For me I think the problem is more my body is used to so much, nothing can rattle it into labor!  I can carry 2 toddlers at once and sprint through the rain and into Walmart at over 40 weeks along.  I always do things like mop my floors on hands and knees because it just turns out better that way...and I mop everyday. 

  • @cneiding ... I know it's been said before, but you are a rock star!
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