need advice on sitter situation

i so need advice in how to handle a situation im currently in.  I work from home but knew it would be impossible for me to work and care for my baby.  when i was expecting i was asking around looking for a P/T sitter/Nanny and a friend of mine said she was willing to do it for me. So far things sound great..right

well its not- she has a 2 yr old which she brings along with her and he is well a 2 yr old who also needs attention. I find myself wondering if its worth paying someone to come over so i can hear their child cry, scream, run around or just care for my baby for FREE?

The other day she arrived a little late and was crying- apparently her and her B.F got into it- she spent an hr screaming and cursing while talking to someone on the phone- the whole time i had my daughter on my lap while i worked. 2 hrs later she (the sitter) decided to come get the baby.

I was in back to back meeting and couldnt deal with her so i just let her take the baby until i had a moment.

after a while i decided to send her home and she was on the phone with whomever and i could hear her crying.
 Now im STUCK with finding a replacement at such short notice and firing a friend.

Question is, how much notice should i give her and what do i about paying her on the day she arrived late and didnt care for the baby until hours later?

Re: need advice on sitter situation

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