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Hydrocephalus/acqueductal stenosis

Hello.  I just found out my 7 year old has hydrocephalus.  I'm devasted as the neurologist said he most likely had it for years and nobody picked up on it.  Not even the first neuro I went to and he does have delays since he was 2!  Im seeing a neurosurgeon next week.  Any experience with your child and finding out later.  I'm so scared that the brain damage is done.  I'm beating myself up too.  Sorry for typos.

Re: Hydrocephalus/acqueductal stenosis

  • My niece was born with hydrocephalus. She's 11 now. She has therapy often but has surpassed doctor expectations. She has a shunt that helps drain the fluid from her brain to her stomach. When she was born, she immediately had to go into surgery to relieve pressure on her brain. It doesn't sound like your 7 year old is as severe.  Are you getting a second opinion? My sister knew before my niece was born that she had it.
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