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intro- new,scared,worried. ttcal.

Hey guys :) I think this is where I need to be. My husband and I found out we were expecting in April and then on May 25 I just had a feeling that something was not right. We went to the ER and they sent me home saying everything was home I was even able to hear the heartbeat at 168bpm. :) It was music to my ears. My levels were slightly off so they put me on bed rest and told me to go see my doctor on tuesday. Sunday I was not feeling any better and passing more blood more clots and in more pain, being an RN I knew something was going very wrong. So we went back to the er where we were told there was no heartbeat and that is was in my tube. I had surgery within the next hour and amazingly it was not in my tube just pushing on it so I was able to keep both of my tubes. Now here it is almost a month later and I am half way through my first period after my mc with d&c. We have been told that we can start trying as soon as we felt like we were ready too that he did not see anything that should cause this to happen again. :) My husband is great but I am just looking for other people who have been there and are going through what we are. 

Re: intro- new,scared,worried. ttcal.

  • Hello and welcome! I began my miscarriage on May 15th and found that the baby stopped growing right before we hit the seven week mark. Fast forward and June 5th I chose to have a D&C because an ultrasound showed that throughout it all, the gestational sac and other tissue was still there. So. Here we are, three weeks later and we will also begin TTC asap. I'm still waiting my first AF, however our OB did not give us any concern as to having to wait any certain period of time. 

    It's SO nerve wracking for me, at least, because I want to be pregnant RIGHT NOW. I don't want to wait and i'm impatient. I have found that this board has helped me to check in daily and simply read that i'm not alone. It is a nice comfort :) 
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  • Not that my friends are not great but they just do not understand. My husband and I are so ready to be pregnant again. It will be our first. Well second but you know what I mean. I will say this first period has been so so bad. It has been painful and heavy but it is so hard to be sad or upset about it because I know this is what I have been waiting on to start trying again :) 
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  • The three periods after my mc were awful! Super heavy and painful, my Dr told me its to be expected after the body goes through all the changes.
    I know what you mean about not friends understanding! It can be super frustrating sometimes!
    I wish you all the luck in the world for your future pregnancy!
  • So sorry for your loss!
  • Hello, I'm so sorry for your loss. Best of luck to you!
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  • Thanks yall :) I went back to the doctor yesterday since my period was officially over and got the all clear from both doctors. Now we start the baby making process :) last time it took us 2 months "not trying not preventing " so I hope we get lucky like that again :)
  • Being on the boards and talking to others who have experienced losses has really helped me too. Although I have an amazing husband and ultra supportive family/ friends.. I find that miscarriage is a lonely grief. No one understands how you truly feel, unless they have gone through it. So sorry for all of your losses!
  • Hi. Just 4 weeks in to my pregnancy. Been getting mild cramps or heaviness in the womb area and lower abdomen. Anything to be concerned about? I have had no discharge or severe pains so far... Any advice welcome thank you
  • @james147 I hate to state the obvious, but you should call your doctor if you are concerned enough to ask us here.  Maybe they can bring you in for an ultrasound.
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  • @james147 I agree with @bntfroggie if you have any doubt that everything is fine I would call your doctor. That's what they are there for and no question or problem is small when it comes to your child.
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