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I am trying to build up my CD stash and I have been getting a lot of advice and reading up on it all over the web. I just want to ensure that I am ready to go when baby arrives. I am planning to purchase 24 prefold diapers, and I have approximately 12-15 diaper covers for them. I also have a small number of pocket diapers (approximately 4) and AIO (approximately 2-3). We plan to do a combination of CD and Honest Company diapers at first to get us used to diapering in general. 

Does this sounds like a good number of diapers or should we invest in more? Also, what are your thoughts on diaper sprayers and the various diapering accessories like diaper dawgs and the spray pal, etc? We don't want to invest too much into this in case CD isn't for us or baby but we want to make sure we have everything we need to try it out. 

Re: Advice on CD Stash

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    I believe the diaper dawgs are just rubber mitts you can wear to pull out inserts or touch soiled areas without actually touching it. This would depend on your ick factor. I think getting urine or fecal matter on your hands is inevitable whether you cloth diaper or not and a good ole hand washing is all you need.

    I've also read wool diaper covers are good for overnight.

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