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How to help a baby fall asleep on his own

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My LO is 14 weeks old. He sleeps pretty well overnight (if swaddled), but getting him to fall asleep (both for bedtime and naps) is a nightmare. He only falls asleep if I'm carrying him in our Ergo carrier and walking/dramatically rocking (not even car rides or nursing work) for 10-30 minutes. The second I sit down or put him down after he's fallen asleep, he's awake and crying. That means I'm having to help him fall asleep 5-10 times every day, and remaining on my feet for a good chunk of his naps, which is a majority of the day. It's great for weight loss for me, but I'm so drained, physically and emotionally, and am close to my breaking point. Does anyone have any tips on how to help a baby learn to fall asleep on his own or how to stay asleep, please? Thanks!

Re: How to help a baby fall asleep on his own

  • We were struggling with the same thing. To the point that it was taking 2 hours to put him down at night and then he was waking up even more at night. I broke down out of desperation and exhaustion and decided to sleep train him at 16 weeks. After 2 really tough nights of crying he is started falling asleep on his own in 10 minutes. It's been so nice to have the evenings back with my husband
  • I do not recommend leaving your LO to cry at this age because he's way too young. Do what you feel is best, but no one recommends that.


    Perhaps you are missing tired cues? Try an earlier bedtime? If you do want to let your LO fuss a little, go for it, but don't leave him to cry for long periods of time. He is too young to understand falling asleep on his own or why mom isn't coming for him.

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  • There are many different sleep training methods besides cry it out. Search babycenter sleep board
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    Read the book Happiest Baby on the Block or get the DVD.   Good advice on teaching self soothing
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