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Hello all,

I am currently 15 weeks & tested "intermediate" on my Tay Sachs screen. SO, my husband had to go in & get tested as well to see if he was a carrier. If he is, we have to get an amnio to see if the baby has Tay Sachs. The chances are slim that he is, but his heritage is kind of shady info wise, with eastern european roots, so it's a possibility. If he is a carrier, there's a 25% chance (I think) that the baby has Tay Sachs. But we were waiting until after the NIPT test to tell family & then this happened. I'm totally showing (people I see out walking the dog have asked me!) & my family knows we were trying, so they'll know right away. It's taking so darn long to get my husband's test back that I'm ready to crawl the walls! I've already called my OB's office once & skipped a family get together on my husband's side this weekend. I have to see my family this week, starting tomorrow no getting around it. I just can't wait any longer! I must know!!!!!! Sorry, this wasn't really a question. Just a need to vent anxiety. Knock wood that my hubby is negative, I still have to decide soon if I want to get an amnio anyway. I thought I did before, but now I'm not sure... I knew parenting would be hard, but I wasn't thinking pregnancy would be this stressful!

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    I'm sorry you're going through this, I also screened positive for a genetic condition that I had no idea I had until this pregnancy. I wish I had known they're now screening for a much wider array of issues than even two years ago! It was basically the same scenerio, if DH tested positive we had a 20% chance of the baby having an issue. It took almost 3 weeks to get DH's screening results back and it was torturous, I didn't want to tell work until after we got the results.  Just try to remember it's very rare that you would both screen positive, but I know it's hard not to worry, hang there!

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    Thanks! Still no call from OB, but I saw my sister in law today & she very kindly ignored my muumuu like dress, which made me feel a bit better as I know she's just waiting to here the news. I'm the youngest of the siblings & so the last chance for more babies! Everyone's just waiting for the announcement since we got married a year ago.
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