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Sorry if this is a duplicate...breastfeeding mom needs help with bottle!

Sorry if this is elsewhere, figured I would ask.  My son will be 4 months on July 1st and only twice has taken a bottle, once it was a tester so it was about 2 oz...the second time was about 4.  This was maybe a month ago?  And since then- nothing!  I have tried so many nipples.  Ive tried bottle feeding, my husband has, my mom...are there any secret tips or suggestions to get a baby that loves the breast to take a bottle?  I try to do it when he is isn't fussy or very hungry.  Ive tried holding him totally different than when I nurse him, or exactly the same. He did take a bottle from me once so I know he will accept it from me.  I just can't go anywhere or do anything without leaving him.  I need a haircut!  Help!

Re: Sorry if this is a duplicate...breastfeeding mom needs help with bottle!

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    Try the playtex nurser. Try changing temp of the milk (maybe a but warmer). Try wrapping in a blanket. Try walking around while feeding. These are all things my daycare lady did to help my baby ( he us 5 mo now). Hope it helps!
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    Omg I am literally in the same boat as you . Only my lo USED to take the bottle well but I stopped pumping for a while and now he doesn't .

    The lactation specialist at the hospital I had him in says to try a sippy cup . She specifically recommended Nuby . It's a 4+ month sippy cup .

    I got one and my baby kind of just bites on it . He's starting to take like 2 sips every now and then though . I imagine we'll have to keep working on it .
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