Pregnant after a Loss

Increased MS when it is hot?

I'm 12 weeks and my symptoms had tapered off, but this past week they are back with a vengeance! I'm wondering if because it has been so hot lately. Anyone else noticed a correlation? Perhaps it is also nerves- out ultrasound is on Wednesday and I'm terrified...

Re: Increased MS when it is hot?

  • It doesn't disappear for everyone, so it could just be back. I feel nauseous when it's too hot (at night) when I'm not pregnant, so that's possible, too. I also get really bad anxiety over ultrasounds (since my loss) so bad that I'd have to carry a spit cup. Gross, I know. Take some deep breaths. I'm sure it'll be fine, but I know how you feel!
  • Make sure your well hydrated. Nausea can be more intense if you don't drink enough fluids
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