Pregnant after a Loss

Need some opinions/experiences please

I'm completely confused - let me give you my data first.
MC on 2nd May
AF after MC started 5th Jun
I started the OPK and it turned positive on 20Jun (which is just two days ago)

Besides this I felt weird throughout the past week with Nausea, heart burn in the evening, cramps as if my AF is about to start although it's only due 5th Jul.

This morning I decided to take a pregnancy test although after a positive OPK just two days ago it's quite senseless BUT it turned positive (faint but visible).

Could it be faint just two days after the positive OPK?
Could it be that I ovulated earlier?
Could it be that I conceived before the AF and still had an AF?

I really don't know what to think about all this now.

Re: Need some opinions/experiences please

  • Do you know if your hcg level returned to 0 after the miscarriage? If not, it could be residual. It is possible to get pregnant again right away after a miscarriage. I know what you're going through, we lost our first in February. I can tell you that my ovulation was all over the map afterwards. Hopefully your doctor will be able to give you a blood test and confirm good news! Sending good wishes your way!
  • Yes, my hcg was 0 after the MC - I'm just confused because of the AF and the positive OPK - this does not go together with a positive test so soon.

    It feels messed up and I don't want to be like a lunatic who interprets now something into some nausea :-)

    Thanks for the wishes. I just wanted to see if somebody else had it similar - before 5th July when the next AF would be due I won't go and get checked. 
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  • Hi. It is suprising! I would go check my bloodworks. I would go crazy to wait that long :)
    Hoping for you! Good luck!
  • I tried the ovulation sticks after my loss and they didn't seem to work for me. They'd go from not ovulating to peak with never an in between and I'd get peak more than once a month! I finally quit using them and started doing "period checks" at my doctor's office and an ovulation app on my phone. I know my cycles were irregular after my loss, but those sticks made me crazy!
  • LH tests will turn positive if you are pregnant. HCG and LH have a lot of the same markers.   Given that your HCG was followed to zero, I would say you have a positive test, call for a beta!! Good luck!

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  • I will stay calm until beginning of June as best as I can and the re-test :-)

    Is there someone who had an AF although being pregnant before? 
  • Yes.  I thought it was AF coming off cycle but it was implantation bleeding, which can mimic AF but is lighter.  I know it can be hard but wait a few weeks and see.  Early early pregnancy is extremely confusing and frustrating, because nothing is set. 

    Your results look really promising though!  I'd take a faint positive any day!

    Best of luck!

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