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General during c section

I have had two c sections due to my narrow hips and am facing a third. Each one has got progressively worse and the thought of going through it again terrifies me. Has anyone gone under general for a caesar or considering it??

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  • my friend recently did.  She said it was bothering her when they were trying to get the epidural type thing in.  They tried a couple times and I don't know if she asked for it or they suggested it or what but she went with general instead.  She said she actually wanted the general because she was afraid something would go wrong during the section and she would rather die unaware rather than hear they saing things in a panic that would let her know she was dying.....yeah extreme.  But she was happy with her decision.
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    I haven't considered using a general, but maybe they'd also give you something for anxiety or to relax you? I was given anti nauseous medicine and it had the positive effect of really mellowing me out, I knew what was going on but I was very very relaxed. I didn't even freak out when DS had to be whisked to NICU for a collapsed lung and didn't have any of the longer term effects of going under a general. Might be an option to ask about. 

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  • Thanks guys. I am really anxious. Maybe I'll ask about that anti nausea medication.
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    I was wondering of this was an option! I'm absolutely terrified of having to have a c section!! Hoping I'll be able to have a vaginal birth, but im going to put on the birth plan that if I have to have a c section I want to be out!!
  • From a medical professional: General anesthesia is much riskier when you are term pregnant. Your chances of death are eight times higher than with a spinal.
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    I had 3 c-sections my last one I was very nervous and they had a hard time inserting the needle in the right area..with saying that I was more terrified that may have a vaginal birth..I am a big wimp when it comes to a normal birth freaks me out more then a c section
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    I am the same the thought of a normal vaginal birth makes me ill, that's y I'm having a planned c section with no 4. In the past I have had 2 normal and one section and I preferred the section. Much less pain. Thank God.
  • I had a general with mine but that's because it was an emergency-c. There was no time for an epidural. Not sure of you can request general, I've never heard of that.
  • I had a really hard time with both of my
    C sections hence thinking about the options. I was in terrible pain after both for weeks and the hideous spinal from junior nurse who was learning nearly crippled me. I'd rather be asleep. Thanks for the advice
  • I had general for medical reasons. I'd have much rather been coherent. It sucked being out of it for 2 days. Also everyone saw my daughter before I did.
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