Pregnant after 35

some to take over L&D

I am due this week so sometime in the next couple weeks I should be delivering.  WOuld someone like to take over the watch list for L&D?  It is super super simple and takes one minute to do.  I copy and paste the previous week, update everyone by one week,  if someone delivered I write that instead of the number of weeks, delete anyone that was listed as delivered the previous week.  I also scan through the weekly updates from the previous week to see if anyone posted that would be 36 or more weeks and add them in.  I generally do it on SUnday evenings but you could do it whatever day works for you.  I think there will be actually very little to do for a while because there are not many regular posters on here who are due soon once the few of us due in the next few weeks are gone. 
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