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Cloth pampers

What is your opinion on cloth pampers? Are they really that much cheaper that disposable ones in the long run? Do they actually work? If so, how many do you think you need for a weeks supply?

Re: Cloth pampers

  • I would repost this in the cloth diapering forum. Cloth diapers are a great option to cut down on cost and impact on the environment. My mom used them with me and I plan on using them.
    They definitely work but it's important to figure out what works for your baby as far as fit and absorbency. A lot of people will also do a combo of cloth and disposables. Like cloth during the day and disposables at night or on the go.
    There are a lot of cloth diaper brands that have one size diapers which will fit most babies from about 10lbs to potty training. So if you add up the cost of a good cloth diaper stash vs years of disposables your definitely going to save money and if you have more kids you can use the same cloth diapers with them. For newborns you would probably want to have newborn size cloth diapers which aren't as cost effective because they won't get used for very long especially if you have a large baby. A lot of oeople will use disposables until their baby fits in the one size diaper.
    As far as how many you need that would depend on how often you're going to do the wash. If you're going to wash every other day you will probably want about 2 dozen.
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