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any other expecting twins moms here?

We are expecting twin girls in october and i just saw that there are now expecting twin classes at the right start store on rice blvd- has anyone been? they are run by twin love concierge?? we are feeling totally overwhelmed and all the info they cover looks fantastic, my husband is particularly freaking out ha ha.

I think we are going to sign up and would love to meet any other expecting moms there...and for my husband to meet other expecting twin dads as well will be awesome!

Re: any other expecting twins moms here?

  • Not expecting twins but I have 3 year old twin boys, and just thought I would let you know about the mothers of multiples groups in Houston, if you haven't already found them. They are a great place to find other moms expecting twins and moms who already have twins, some of the best advice I have gotten about dealing with the adventures of having multiples has come from them. They also do weekly meetings, play dates and family events and some of the groups will even help out with meals after your little ones arrive to help you out. Not sure what part of Houston you're in but the southeast Houston one is bay area mothers of multiples.
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