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    Having a healthy baby girl, excited to meet our little princess in December!!!

    ETA this was our announcement, nothing fancy ;)


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  • kristydec16kristydec16
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    We found out about 2wks ago that we are having a precious baby girl!! We r so excited she is our first baby! We have decided on the name Sophia Grace.
  • We just found out last night we are having a baby girllll! We were convinced it was going to be a boy, but I guess we can all be proved wrong! :) SO happy!
  • kkarikkkarik
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    Found out we're having a healthy baby girl!! Due December 15!
  • We just found out Monday we are expecting a litte girl!!! I have been secretly hoping baby would be a girl. ☺
  • Found out this morning we're having a girl! I have a 2 year old son and was convinced we'd have another boy. I was so surprised that I cried when I opened the envelope. Thankful for a healthy baby - excited to be able to venture into girl world! Will probably be Lillian (Lily) Marie.
  • Joining team pink as of today :) due dec 24
  • We are Team Pink! Choosing a name is so difficult and permanent lol ;-) yay so excited!!!!
  • Team Pink here! Yay!!! 20 more weeks to go ☺️
  • We are officially joining team PINK! Found out today during the anatomy scan that we are expecting a little girl. We have a DS, so this was really exciting news. Neither husband nor I had any idea what the sex was of this little one. We teared up when we found out it was a girl. I'm excited, but it still doesn't seem real. I'm sure it will feel real when I buy my first baby girl item.
  • Excited to finally say we are also joining team pink!!! A beautiful healthy baby girl due 12.12, can't wait to meet her! :x
  • Jina32Jina32
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    As of Thursday 7/23 we are expecting a baby girl and are officially team pink! I called it and had a feeling it was a girl since the moment I found out I was pregnant!!! We are so excited and blessed with this news!
  • Found out today during our anatomy scan that we are having a girl. We are so excited! Big brother... not quite as much...

  • JessraderJessrader
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    Found out at our ultrasound today we are having a (very active) baby girl. Gender reveal party tomorrow with family and close friends.
  • Woohoo! Team pink! Our baby girl is due December 20th, and this will be our first. :) So thrilled!
  • We have the same due date.....I'm also having a girl!!
  • We have the same due date!!! I'm also having a girl..
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    I found out at 14 weeks I am expecting a sweet baby girl! I really love the name Kodi Blair! ♡
  • We are having a girl! She's due on the 11th :)
  • kimia222kimia222
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    I dont remember if i already posted on this thread since ive had so many struggles with the bump constantly logging me off while trying to post, hence my frustration. We are having our 2nd girl and super excited! I love the fact that my baby Mila will have a little sister. My husband and I never had sisters so can't wait to see the bond form between the two girls. Her due date is Dec 28th and her name will be Melody. :x
  • We had our u/s at a private local company. We were going to wait for the aus but we have some family in town and they would be leaving before we could get an appointment. Immediatley after the u/s we went on our babymoon for a week. When we came back we had our gender reveal party with our closest friends and family. The wait was torture but so worth it. Our little Delilah will be arriving December 29th!
  • We're officially team pink today! Our AS showed a healthy girl and she's measuring about a week big.

    We couldn't get a good look between the legs, but then she started peeing... So she showed is the most uncouth way possible that she was indeed a girl :-)

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  • It's a girl! Due December 10. Between the two of us we already have 3 boys and a girl. So a girl will help to even out the score a little
  • We have our reveal part on Aug 16th so no one else knows what we are having, just me an hubby. And you guys! Lol this is our 3rd baby, our 3rd girl. I'm so excited to have the reveal I'm bursting wanting to tell everyone! I'm due Dec 11th and can't wait to spend this xmas with our great new gift!
  • Our girls name is Maeve
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