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"almost" pregnant every month?

I'm so sick and tired of trying, I have been through IUI, IVF and natural TTC. I have been through all the tests and everything is fine. But I'm really curious if anyone has similar experiences to me: Every month I get 'almost' pregnant, meaning I get all the symptoms of sore breasts, small implantation cramps etc. On 10-11dpo I then get short lived sharp period type cramps and start bleeding immediately. I always hope is it just implantation cramps but by now I know it is not. Usually they are just too painful. I then bleed very lightly for two days and get AF exactly 14dpo. The very few months where I haven't TTC the past two years, I'm completely normal between O and AF. What is happening? Is this my body refusing to let the embryo implant? I'm 'old', 41 so I know I have that against me but it makes me so depressed every time. Anyone have same experiences?
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Re: "almost" pregnant every month?

  • Hi @louiseB...I'm sorry for all of your difficult struggles in ttc. :(
    I don't have any experience with IVF or IUI...I'm here on this board ttc after experiencing recurrent miscarriage.
    I'm getting close to 38 and have been told by my dr. that it's probable my mc's are "bad luck" & "poor egg quality"...however I don't have the testing to back that up, and given my economic demographic, I'm not able to afford further testing...(at least at this point.)
    Just wanted to welcome you to the board. :)
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  • Are you temping and charting?
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    Have you tried Vitamin B complex or acupuncture? Nothing is for sure but I have read about a lot of women having success with both.

  • Thanks! I am not temping but taking ovulation tests every month. By now I'm pretty sure they work and I'm clockwork when it comes to getting my period 14 days after so I know I'm getting the O day right. I'm taking vitamin D because tests showed I was a bit low on that, but haven't tried B complex. I'll look in to it.
    Single mom of DD (2010), TTC #2 since June 2013.
    Occasionally I'm blogging about my life with flybaby.
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    I tried natural, IUI and IVF and with IVF some cycles I would get pregnancy symptoms, some pregnancy and period symptoms, sometimes nothing at all, sometimes the pregnancy symptoms would be in the first week after transfer, other times only in the second week. We got a few 'chemical' pregnancies. What I learnt was all the hormones you are on do crazy stuff and you cannot tell what is going on by the symptoms you have, so try not to think about and wait for your blood test otherwise you drive yourself crazy.

    I will say, that when I did fall pregnant their was two things I noticed: 1. I got a tiny bit of spotting on about 4 post transfer - too late to be from transfer and too early to be periods, I was hopeful but reluctant to get excited 2. I had absolutely no back pain like I normally would with my period - this was the first time I had nothing...and at 36wks, still no back pain!!

    After 17 IVF cycles we used a donor egg from my sister...worked on the 2nd cycle. I was 40 when we started IVF, no apparent reason for failed IVF, just age - consistently had good quality embryos, sperm amazing apparently...etc etc. Now 43 and 36wks and Obgyn says I am breezing through pregnancy better than most 20 yr olds - still at work and gym and going for long walks.

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    Progesterone is the 'pregnancy hormone' that makes us feel pregnant - sore breasts,  fluttery cramps, etc.   We all have progesterone surges in every luteal phase of our cycles, but we tend to pay close attention to the symptoms when we are TTC.   Your 'pregnancy symptoms' are definitely being heightened by the medications that you took for your IUI and IVF -- they give you stronger ovulations and higher progesterone surges - therefore the feeling of being 'almost pregnant'.  Also of course if you're taking progesterone suppositories or PIO shots in your luteal phase your symptoms are going to be sky high. 

    I wouldn't worry about your age when it comes to implantation.  If your lining was thick enough then implantation wouldn't be the problem.  You might want to look into programs to improve egg quality however.  GL!

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