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Starting my new journey today!!

Im not sure I've ever been so excited to get my period. This is the first period I've had since my D&C which means means my rainbow is that much closer. I don't know of anywhere else I could post something so silly but I can't even begin to tell you how happy I am. My doctor wants me to have 2 periods before we start trying again so we can check period 1 off the list.

Re: Starting my new journey today!!

  • I am so happy for you! I just had my d&d on Wednesday so still a few weeks away. Can't wait for AF! :)
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  • Woohoo! I'm also waiting for AF. Seems like we're always waiting for something! But at least we can celebrate all the little steps along the way :)

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  • I'm waiting for my 1st AF, too! First time I've ever been anxious for her to come. You'd better believe I'll be celebrating her arrival. And then the husband better buckle up. Lol
  • I'm waiting for mine as well going on 30 days right now hoping it will decide to come. Unless the spotting I had the last couple weeks was it but I doubt that lol.
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    Yay!!! I'm waiting on first AF or, even better, a BFP! I had a natural miscarriage at 12.5 weeks (babies measured 9.5 weeks) and our doc said we could start trying immediately, so we wasted no time at all. I've been using OPKs - the sticks always show negative, but the digitals (Clear Blue & First Response) showed positive for two days, so we are keeping our fingers crossed! 

    Good luck to everyone! :)
  • I'm so glad I found this list. I had my D&C 5 weeks ago and just finished my first period. Can't wait to try again ..( this first time took us 4 years), but we are waiting to meet the genetic councillor in a few weeks just to ask questions. Hoping the same chromosome abnormality doesn't happen again. But I'm feeling very excited and positive!
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    Congrats @jervisamy ! I totally know what you mean. I was advised the same (2 AFs till trying again) and I started my 2nd AF today so I'm stoked too! Hope yours is shorter than my first AF. Though the latter half was mostly light, my 1st AF lasted 2 weeks.

    Wishing all you ladies only the best :)
  • Amazing how welcome that first AF is, isn't it? I remember I felt like doing backflips, I was so excited. After feeling like your body failed you, it's nice to see it do what it's supposed to do.
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  • I wish my body would figure out what it's doing, I'm going on day 48 no period and all negative pregnancy tests. So frustrating. :/ gonna pick up charting now again even if it is in the middle maybe I can see a pattern if not least I get back in the habit of it :)
  • I had my D&C may 30th. Still waiting on AF. Not gonna lie, I feel like I'm about to turn into a crazy person with this waiting game! My OB told me if its been 2 months and still no AF we're ok to start trying. Next week good friends of ours are getting married and I figure it'll be close enough to 2 months. so we're going to use that as our kick off to TTC. But I haven't been charting or temping because I wanted to see what my body would do naturally. I wanted to have my AF and go from there with the method I was using our first time around. Looks like I may need to pick up an ovulation kit though if my body keeps wanting to be stubborn! T&P for all those waiting for their 1st or 2nd AF and those who are doing the TWW!!
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