Pregnant after a Loss


Ladies I'm 6w3d after a horrible miscarriage and I've expierenced some brown spotting. It's mixed with very mild cramping. I'm trying not to freak out, but obviously after last time that is incredible difficult. Have any of you expierenced that and then everything turn out ok? Or previous pregnancies that have turned out healthy? I hate to think of losing another one :'( thanks in advance!

Re: Spotting

  • Someone just posted something similar titled, "Drinking water?" and her baby is fine! Let me know if you have trouble finding it.
  • I've been brown spotting for a week today. I had an u/s Monday baby was fine HB was 113 and measured 6w4d. I go back Tuesday for my regular first appt. Its scary as hell I know, I MC my last pregnancy. But I also know so many women can spot and be totally fine. Give the doctor a call either way and just talk to them. I posted the drinking water forum because I heard that helps. So I would suggest that for you too!!
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  • I'm going to check out that forum. Thank you @AprilV421 and @PlainJane8350 appreciate it! Dr appt tomorrow morning. Hoping for the best!
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