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Recommended OB's in Baton Rouge

I live in Baton Rouge and am scheduled for my first U/S at 8 weeks at Woman's. I was curious if anyone had any recommended obstetricians in the local area. My OB is Jolie Bourgeois who is a recommendation from a friend. Just curious if you ladies could share any tidbits/recommendations.

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Re: Recommended OB's in Baton Rouge

  • Dr. Bourgeois is awesome. I have been seeing her my entire pregnancy and I have no complaints whatsoever.
  • @leahauc That's great to hear and very comforting to know. Thanks!

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  • Hi! I'm originally from Avoyelles Parish, but I've been in BR for 6 years now. Now that I'm pregnant, I was forced to find an OB here because mine in Alexandria is obviously too far away. I kind of randomly picked an OB after a little research. His name is Michael Perniciero and he is at Women's. Has anyone heard of him? My first appt with him is in a week.
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  • I love my dr. He's Steven fiegley
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    @cameronreed @ttillman15 Thanks for your responses ladies! It seems there aren't too many BR women on here. I haven't heard of Michael Perniciero. I will be seeing Dr. Bourgeois this Thursday and will report back.

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  • @cameronreed @ttillman15 ...saw Dr. Bourgeois for my first appt... She was amazing. Very kind and personable. It couldn't have gone better. A great doc definitely makes this process seem easier!

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