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I CD baby #2 beginning at about 3 months (once he fit into the BG Pockets).  He's now almost 5!  The diapers have been stored in a plastic tote after their last wash, and unfortunately they spend some time in a climate controlled storage unit while we sold and purchased our home.  

I'm now expecting again and need to know if there is anything I need to do to these diapers.  I have not opened the tote yet (I'm not far enough along yet to start breaking out the baby stuff), but what have been your experiences with situations such as these?  What am I to expect with the efficiency of these diapers.  


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Re: Need to Know

  • If you follow the hints in other threads to find where everyone has gone, you'll get better responses.

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  • I've heard that it's best to store them in a cardboard box versus a plastic tote since they need to breathe. But no really experience with that.

    Since they were in a climate controlled environment and were completely dry when stored I'd guess they should be in okay shape for your new baby.

    I'd give them a wash or two before the baby is born. And if there is any smell or if you ever had issues with them I'd bleach them. I didn't bleach the newborn diapers between kiddos since I didn't have issues, fwiw.
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