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MFM specialists in Houston

Hi Houston ladies!
I am not quite Houston, we are in the Beaumont area and have found that there are no high risk specialist locally for our triplets!
All our OBs here refer to Houston. Is anyone familiar with a good maternal fetal medicine specialist? Our fertility specialist has referred to Dr. Rowe in Webster for the NT scan in a few weeks. I think if we like him we could stay for our entire pregnancy.
Anyone have experience with Dr. Rowe?

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Re: MFM specialists in Houston

  • I don't have personal experience, but I was referred to him, too. I heard that he doesn't deliver, though, so you'll still need an OBGYN.
  • I'm being seen by the Houston Perinatal Associates, it's a group practice so you can have a different doctor each time. So far, I've seen Dr. Hare and Dr. Adam. They are VERY thorough and detailed, but won't give you the warm fuzzies in case that's important for you!
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  • I go there, too!
  • I realize this response is late but my OB also referred me to Dr. Rowe and I have been in for 1 ultrasound. My husband and I really like him. He actually took the time to answer questions and ask me all about the pregnancy so far. There was a bit of a wait when we arrived (about 30 min.) But now I see why, if he actually converses with his patients instead of treatin them like an assembly line. Hope your experience was good.

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