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LO has food allergy...advice needed

so pedi thinks LO has a food allergy and suggested that I stop eating nuts and eggs, however LO still has a rash and now has hives. I'm thinking of doing the elimination diet but not sure how it works. Has anyone done it? What did you eat? How long do you go through each stage? How long do you have to go before introducing the first food? Which food should you introduce first? LO is 5 months and we gave been dealing with a rash since he was 2 months. I'm frustrated and upset that this is still going in and we don't know what is causing it so I'm taking matters into my own hands...we are also getting a new pediatrician. Any advice would be great!!! Thanks!!!

Re: LO has food allergy...advice needed

  • I am currently not eating and nut or egg products...pedi's recommendation. And haven't had them for about 3 weeks.
  • Maybe try the breast feeding board? Sorry, no advice since I didn't BF.
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  • I didn't deal with food allergies while BFing, but from what I've read, the proteins from the allergen should leave your system after 2 weeks.

    The AAP recommends that breastfed babies start solids at about 6 months of age. As for what you start with, that's really up to you. We started with sweet potato, then banana, then butternut squash, then apple ... 
  • Try eliminating gluten too, and it will take 2 or so weeks.
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