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Down Syndrome

im 35. It took 4 years to get pregnant and then at 3 months found out baby had Down syndrome. We decided to end the pregnancy. What are the chances the second one will? I just want to get pregnant right away.

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  • I lost my first pregnancy to trisomy 13 and they told me that it was random. I also have a friend who had a child without Downs, then a pregnancy with Downs. I'm sorry that happened to you, though. I know it's scary, do you have a genetics counselor? They should be able to alleviate your fears when it comes to future pregnancies.
  • unless there is a reason why odds would be higher for you to have a Down's baby (like a strong family history etc) then a new pregnancy would mean the odds are in your favor everything would be ok.
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    I'm so sorry. I second what the PP said about a genetic counselor. I went to one & she was awesome & so informative. I want to call her & ask any questions I have rather than ask my Dr. I think that it is correct to say that unless you, or your husband have anyone with down's in their family, it's probably just a case of cells not dividing properly at that first early stage & leaving behind that extra chomosome. But the GC will be able to give you the best information, as well as what tests to recommend, etc. Your OB will likely recommend you wait at least a cycle before trying again & there's good, practical reasons for that. This was the what I was told after my MC. Good luck with everything & I hope you get pregnant right away with your little one!
  • Thanks guys! The results came back that we are not genetic carriers- yay! It was just regular trisonomy 21. I think the odds are in my Gabor this time!
  • Also.. Got my first period today! I really want to try but one doctor said to wait 2 cycles the other didn't.....
  • Congratulations! Ya, my OBGYN recommended three cycles. The fertility specialist we saw after that for answers to our loss said that there's no real science to that. I'd imagine you just want to give your urerine wall some time to build back up in order to support another pregnancy. Good luck!
  • LMJLLMJL member
    That's great news! I might ask your doc why to wait two cycles. What the previous poster said might make sense. But I understand why you want to start right away!
  • Just got a call to meet with genetics about future pregnancies.
  • That's great! Hopefully she'll put your mind at ease.
  • I've graduated fr this board but I had two early losses and one late loss at 20wks. My RE recommended waiting 3 cycles. I felt the same way and wanted to try again right away. So we did but miscarried again at 5 wks. They think because my uterine wall wasn't ready to support another pregnancy. So that would be my only caution. Because then I felt like I had to wait even longer and wished I would have just listened to the dr the first time.

    Good luck to you!!
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  • I found this down syndrome risk calculator frobababyMED:, I entered 35, but you can change it. I'm going in today for the ultrasound and blood work test to determine probability that the baby has down syndrome. I'm a bit anxious, hope it goes well. Does anyone k of how long it takes to get the results back?
  • It took about a week for the blood results for me.
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