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March 2013 Moms

Nightly meltdowns...

Is this just my house??   My son has been having Earth shattering melt downs every night for the past week...right around dinner time.  One minute we're playing, the next its full on tears, stomping feet & swinging arms.  Last night it (seemed) to be because I asked him to step away from the oven while his dad opened it to get dinner out.  Another night it was seemingly because he only had one waffle, instead of two and we cut it in half.  I'm sure its just a phase, but LORD its the last thing I want to hear when I get home from work.  They usually last about an hour or so with on/off crying hysterics.  And don't get me started on bath time now...he went from LOVING it to suddenly hating baths & screams the whole time.

We haven't had any changes in the house lately.  We did have another baby, but that was 3 1/2 months ago & he wasn't really phased by it.  He's actually very attentive to his baby sister and shares toys with her, gets diapers, makes sure she's ok when she's crying.  I'm totally baffled by what could be causing the nightly melt downs other than not getting what he wants & not being able to communicate it completely.  He has A LOT of words, but I know he can sometimes get frustrated when we don't know what he's asking for.
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