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Introduction *loss mentioned*

Hi everyone! I am a lurker who posts occasionally, but I thought it was time to formally introduce myself.  I'm currently a little over 12 weeks pregnant after having 2 prior miscarriages -- one at 9.5 weeks and one at 6ish weeks. My first miscarriage was a total shock because we had seen a heartbeat at 7.5 weeks and I still had pregnancy symptoms, but I went in to a regularly scheduled appointment only to find that there was no heartbeat and that baby had likely died just that day.  My second miscarriage was more typical -- excessive bleeding at just under 6 weeks -- but even it was a bit odd to the extent that my bloodwork was initially fine, a few days later they found a heartbeat, but the bleeding continued and I eventually lost the pregnancy after about 5 days of bleeding. 

My current pregnancy couldn't be going better, from a medical standpoint, but I've been a mess mentally and emotionally -- as I'm sure everyone here can understand.  At my 9.5 week ultrasound, the baby looked great and was moving around, but after my first experience where the miscarriage came out of nowhere, I can't help but prepare for the worst.  Anyway, here's to hoping that this isn't the last day of this pregnancy :) 

Re: Introduction *loss mentioned*

  • Welcome! And thank you so much for sharing your experience. I have 3 kids, all concieved quickly and carried successfully. This year I was struck with 2 back to back losses. One was a chemical pregnancy in March and this one is like your first, had a good sono at 7w but at 11w started bleeding and a sono showed baby stopped growing @ 8w2d. Ive been wondering why this is suddenly happening and while we are still going to try again, part of me is scared that maybe this just won't work. Your story gives me some hope that next time will be better. Im so sorry for your losses but you have the right attitude. You are pregnant today : )
  • Thanks for taking the time to read my post @kcmichel!  And don't give up hope. My good friend was like you -- totally easy and normal first pregnancy, followed by a chemical pregnancy and then by a miscarriage.  But then her  next pregnancy resulted in a healthy baby. Just because you have two miscarriages back to back doesn't necessarily mean there is a bigger problem, especially since you've had successful pregnancies in the past! 
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  • I lost my first pregnancy to a missed miscarriage, too and was shocked. I was understandably very worried about this one, but so far, so good! My aunt always reminds me that miscarriages are traumatic and that we probably have at least some level of PTSD, so to not be too hard on ourselves about our feelings (and freakouts). Thinking of you!
  • Just an update in case anyone is interested -- my 12 week appointment went well! My doctor didn't do an ultrasound (since I just had one at 9.5 weeks), but we listened to the baby's heartbeat on a doppler, which was very exciting.  Thanks everyone for the positive thoughts! 

    @PlainJane8350 I'm sorry to hear you're in this situation as well, but glad your pregnancy is going good so far! I think you are right, I've totally felt like I have PTSD.  
  • So glad everything went well, congratulations! 12 weeks is a big milestone, too. I still worry, but I hear that's part of motherhood! Hopefully you can relax a little bit now. :x
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