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For those that have taken a preg test following D&C...

What was the reasoning? Have any of you taken it so that you can have that reassurance that it was 'finally over'? I'm on the fence between wanting to take the test to have that validation that the miscarriage is over and my body is only mine again (if that makes sense)... however, at the same time, I'm very nervous that it will still show positive and I'll become even more disheartened. I had a D&C on June 5th after beginning to miscarry on May 15th but still having excess tissue in my uterus show up in an ultrasound. So. Two weeks out from D&C, I feel like taking a test might validate something for me so that we can start trying again and take a new journey. 
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Re: For those that have taken a preg test following D&C...

  • I didn't take a pregnancy test after my D&C but for some I think it was a way to watch their hormone levels drop and know that maybe AF was on her way.  Also I started temping the week after my D&C so that was a way for me to know once I ovulated that it was about 2wks until AF and trying again. 

    I didn't do the pregnancy tests because I didn't want to feel the heartache of it being negative, or positive and me not being pregnant.  I just didn't want to put my eyes through what my mind already knew, if that makes sense.

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  • I took one so I could know everything was over and my levels dropped. My doctor doesn't do blood draws to follow it down. So, had I not taken one until I got a negative, and my period hadn't come within 6 weeks, and I took one and got a positive, I wouldn't know if it was a new pregnancy or the remainder of my lost pregnancy. Mine was negative within a week of my d&c, so my cycle got right back on track. I knew I would drive myself crazy not knowing when I could expect things to get back to normal, so my testing until negative gave me an idea.
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  • On my second post-d&c cycle, my opk showed a peak late in my cycle when my temp was already high. I read that hcg can cause a peak reading, so I thought maybe I was pregnant. I took a test and got very excited. Later that week blood tests showed it was leftover hcg. That was about 8 weeks after the d&c.
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  • I took one because it was 5 weeks past my d&c and I thought I should have had a period by then. My test showed positive but after bloodwork, realized it was just leftover hormones from the previous pregnancy. I don't think I will do that ever again though...the tiny bit of hope that it could be a new pregnancy caused way too much stress.
  • I took a test every couple of days until I got a negative. I only had a couple blood test and wanted to know when my levels should be zero or close to zero.
  • I have a follow up appointment in two weeks. I may ask that bloodwork be taken so that I can verify that my levels have dropped. I stared at the tests last night and even looking at the packaging made me anxious and more upset than I thought I would be. Thank you all for the replies. I think I'll wait until after my first period and when we are actually trying again to begin taking them. Here's hoping for my first AF soon so that we can start a new journey.
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  • My DR gave me one at my 2 wk FU after D&C and it came up negative. I was reassured because at least my body knew that the pregnancy was over and was starting to get back to normal. I'm 4 weeks out now from my D&C and praying AF comes any day. I'd like to start the journey to my rainbow ASAP and that's the first step. If you think it might help go for it and take one but if it's still positive I might would call and ask your doc how long you'll still test positive.
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    I took one after reading this post exactly one week after my mc and it was neg. But my levels weren't that high to begin with.
  • i got pregnant in feb mc and had a d&c done may 19 an got my first period on june 21st i work for cvs pharmacy and it kills me to fix the pregnancy test shelves every time. i was always tempted to take one to i guess tell me it was over but never had the full heart to go for it. its been 7 weeks now since i got my d&c and im so nervous to be active again but at the same time im hoping i do get pregnant again and this time it will be a sticky baby
  • I am so glad I stumbled upon this! I had a d&c (started to miscarry a week before) on May 11th. I didn't test, and never even thought about following my levels to zero. Until this morning when I took a faint positive hpt. We are almost 8 weeks after May 11th. I had a fairly regular cycle June 8th and my cycles are usually 26-28 days.

    The reason I tested today is because I experienced some spotting and was hoping it was implantation bleeding. However, now I am not sure. I think I ovulated. I don't chart. But I used OPK and checked my cervix (physically. It has helped me get pg 3 times, so the feel of my cervix is a great indicator for me) to see when I was ovulating. It's all very confusing. Can't wait for the dr to call me back tomorrow!
  • I need to see to reassure myself it is over and that my fertility is returning. I've had retained tissue and ended up needing a D&C for too slowly falling HCG 5 weeks after a loss back in 2003. I'm impatient. So I find testing at home reassuring. The day of the D&C this time, my betas were 10,000. PCM explained a textbook fall is 1/2 for each day after. Two days later I was told my levels were down (vague) by 75%, on schedule. I'm using $ store HPTs and OPKs.

    I took an HPT, OPK, and saliva OPK at CD9 post D&C 2 days ago. My HCG looked just like my faint BFP from 11DPO. By the math, I should have a beta of 39. My OPK was positive, but I'm pretty sure that was thrown my the HCG, so it's a toss-out. My saliva OPK was full-on ferning.

    I figured by today with a projected beta of 9, I'd get a negative HPT at CD11. It is still every so faintly positive, but less so than my CD9 post D&C or my 11DPO BFP... just not as pale as my CD10 BFN... But it IS progressively getting lighter! Also, my OPK does have a line still, but it's no longer darker than the control line, so I think I can finally start trusting those again... YAY! My saliva ferning is down to only a partial, so I guess even estrogen is thrown a bit by HCG, but at least it looks like I can trust it again.

    I have a 2nd post D&C blood draw scheduled for tomorrow, but I won't get the results until Monday :(( Depending on the results, they'll be following me weekly.

    CM is creamy with the tiniest of spotting. I think I'll be ok if I scrub up with Dial soap before checking CP... it hasn't hurt in days and my temps went follicular phase 3-4 days ago. One more thing to track.

    I want to be back to normal SO SO badly.
  • I am nine days out from my natural MC. I took a test today because ten days after my previous MC I had a negative test. It was not negative this time.
  • Hi. I had a natural MC @ 10 weeks. I started spotting 7 days after my last day of MC bleed and this gradually became a heavy, clotty bleed. The day of spotting was my period due date but I was sure it wouldn't come so soon. I contacted the EPU and the midwives felt that it was in fact my AF. I was told to take a HPT to be sure. It was negative and I actually squeaked with excitement. I never, ever thought a negative test result would make me happy but it did. It meant the end of a horribly painful chapter and a new page in a brand new one.
    If it is positive, at least you know that you have a little way to go and can seek medical attention.
    Either way, it gives you direction x
  • For both of my D&Cs I had a Urine test at my two week follow up appointment and they both came back negative.
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