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Stupid question??

Hi ladies! I have a question that I feel like a complete moron for asking, but I am so unfamiliar with ovulation predictor kits that I just don't know the answer.

I am cycle day 18 today and decided randomly to do an o-test. We aren't actively trying right now after a lot of loss and heartbreak, but we aren't not trying. I started having some signs of ovulation today (the mucus and all that jazz), but I actually thought I already had that about a week ago. Today it was a lot, so I figured I would check. Those two lines showed up instantly and very strong (why can't it do that on the preg test?? ;)). Sooo I guess I'm ovulating pretty late this month. My question is...does that mean my whole cycle is potentially off, meaning it might be longer? My cycles USED to be textbook. 28 days, short and sweet period, cramping the first day only, etc. Ever since my last (3rd) loss, I feel like it threw everything out of whack. Last month I (of course) thought I might be pregnant because I was pretty late (a little over a week, which is a lot for my body). So now I'm wondering if maybe my cycles are going to be longer and ovulation later in the cycle. Next question is: even if my cycle is off, I can still get pregnant if timed properly, right? Obviously my body has some other unknown factors that are causing me to have a hard time getting and staying preggerz, but I just want to know if having my cycle so much longer than normal (35-38 days) is going to cause problems. I'm sure the answer varies person to person, but figured I would ask. Thank you!!

Re: Stupid question??

  • It does sound like you are ovulating later than you used to. From all the stuff I have read, your period isn't "late" you just ovulated later than expected/usual. I know my M/C in Dec threw my entire cycle off and I would O on CD16-18 instead of CD14. Even if you aren't actively trying you might want to start tracking your cycle so when you do start trying you will have an idea of when you O so you can time sex properly. OPKs usually test darkest 24-48 hours before ovulation so keep testing for a day or 2 to see if the line gets darker or lighter. Good luck!
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  • You can ovulate "early," on time or "late." After my loss, I'd call my doctor with a "period start" and they'd tell me when to come in to give blood/see if I ovulated.

    You mentioned unknown causes for your losses, have you had any testing done or was everything inconclusive?

    I tried the fertility sticks and didn't find them accurate. Instead, I liked the pregnancy apps. Silly, I know!
  • @PlainJane8350, they did tons of blood work. Found low progesterone the month after my loss (I think 3.4 or something), and then even lower the following month (I believe 1.2??). I am pretty certain I remember coming in at the "right" time to take those tests and she said she didn't even think I was ovulating properly. Because it was riiiiight after my 3rd loss, I personally think the results were skewed because my hormones were a mess. But either way, I totally think my cycle has shifted now.

    I think everything else was normal from what I remember. She did to an endometrial lining biopsy and found that it was a tiny bit inflamed (again...within two months post-loss, so that could be why it was inflamed in my opinion), so I was put on antibiotics. Oh and they also found my uterine lining is a little thin, so I've been taking supplements for that.

    Actually, the day I posted about the MTHFR gene, I went to see her and talk about it. She told me the reason they never brought it up to me is because I only have one of those genes...or something. I didn't totally understand it, but she basically said 50% of women are "abnormal" with this gene and that the way I have it is no cause for alarm and most likely did not cause my losses. However, I am on CoQ10 and also taking extra folic acid.

    I'm hoping between progesterone and thickening my uterine wall that that's all my body needs. Now I just need to get pregnant again! What's annoying is that every time I have a loss, it takes me about 5 months to get pregnant again. So weird. But maybe (hopefully) now that I realized my cycle has shifted, that'll help. I stopped tracking a long time ago because it was adding more stress. I might continue with the ovulation stick though. :)
  • I'm sorry that happened to you, it's heartbreaking and frustrating. You must be one tough cookie! Is your doctor a fertility specialist?

    Do they put you on progesterone when they think you've ovulated or when you do get pregnant now?

    They told me that MTHFR is common, too. I'm not sure how severe mine is, but I know I felt better i.e. more energy soon after taking it. It sounds like you're doing absolutely everything that you can do. My cycles were messed up afterwards, too and never went back to what was normal for me. They were extremely light and, while they got a little heavier, never went back to normal. I was worried that was an indication of my uterine wall not being built up enough after my D&C, but may be that's just my new normal.
  • @PlainJane8350, yes indeed! Well, technically anyway. When I was doing my rounds of Ovidrel for trigger injections, I was to start progesterone 3 days after injection. I ended up having a horrrrible reaction to Ovidrel after my 2nd month using it. I'm still suffering from it a bit and it's been two month since my shot. Long story short, 24 hrs after injection, my arms and legs got super weak, twitchy, tingly, etc. I was terrified to say the least. I wasn't totally sure if it was from the shot or not, but after an ER visit and a ton of neurological tests, the Ovidrel is the only thing that makes sense. I think it totally messed with my hormones. So we decided to take a break from actively trying until next year. However, I am still waiting for my specialist to call me back because I feel like even though we aren't actively trying, I still know that I should probably take progesterone after ovulation...just in case. If that's the reason I had the other losses, I don't want it to happen again (obviously) just because I'm trying not to think about getting pregnant, you know? So...common sense tells me to take it in a few days since I still have some left over. I hate the thought of adding more hormones right now when I'm still having these strange symptoms, but I can't justify NOT taking it and potentially losing another baby. Would you do the same?
  • I would, but only because my doctor recommended it. If he thinks you ovulated, then he tells you to take progesterone "just in case" until you think you should start your period and you get a negative pregnancy test. I didn't know this at the time, but if you're on progesterone your period won't start whether you're pregnant or not. I'm no expert, but I've taken progesterone "just in case" (and I wasn't pregnant) and I'm on it again now for a short cervix and I don't feel like I have any side effects. Everyone's different, but the only thing that it's ever done to me is irritate (the outside of) my skin if a little leaked out and sat on it long enough. I know that's gross, I'm sorry!

    Your doctor sounds good and proactive, though, I bet he'll renew your rx when you need more. How long have you been waiting for him to call you back?
  • She was supposed to call me yesterday, so I called and left a message today. That's weird that they told you you won't start your period while on progesterone! I took it for two months after my trigger injections and I started my periods just as normal. I don't think I had any major side effects from the progesterone other than more acne. I have been plagued with the worst acne imaginable since the third loss. Trying to stay positive though!! :) Put good things out into the universe and it will reciprocate! That's what I've convinced myself, anyway. :-)

    I think I've already decided to start progesterone tomorrow. If she's not going to call me back, I'm not waiting. I feel like that's the right thing to do, so I'm just going to do it!
  • I'm sorry she hasn't called you back, I hate it when they do that. May be because my progesterone was vaginal? I dunno... I just remember being all excited, but having negative pregnancy tests. Then, as soon as I quit taking it, I started. No clue. Not sure if the dosage matters either, but I was on 400 once a day (I take 200 twice a day now).

    I'm not like this with anything else, but when it comes to pregnancy I'm all about being an advocate for yourself and pushing for what you want. I also believe in the power of positivity, so I'll be sending positive thoughts and prayers your way from Texas!
  • You are so sweet, thank you Jane!! Mine is also vaginal, but I'm not sure of the dosage. That's a good question for me to ask her when she calls me back.

    I've had a slew of less than ideal things happen lately, all surrounding the losses (the horrible acne, the weird symptoms from the Ovidrel, tons of neurological exams, etc). I was losing it. I finally realized that I need to be more positive. I read a great book called A Complaint Free World. It inspired me to put a lot more positivity out there instead of constantly complaining about my situation. I've felt so much better since doing that, and I have stopped talking mysef into believing that I will never have my own baby. I started trying to really picture it all...the pregnancy, the delivery, coming home with a sweet bundle in our arms, etc. I want my body (brain) to see and know what my heart wants. Maybe then I'll get it!! :)

  • I wasn't going to say anything because I didn't want to sound crazy, but have you ever heard of a dream board? I really wanted a job once and my aunt told me to make a dream board. I did and I got the job... I ended up losing it, but my aunt said that I needed to complete the board (not just stop at getting the job). Anyway, I know it sounds crazy, but I thought I'd throw it out there since we got on the topic of visualisation. I had a subchronic hematoma and I'd visualize it getting smaller and smaller until it disappeared. Anything's worth a shot, right?!
  • I like that! So what do I put for a baby?? A picture of a baby?? Haha

    Or is it just writing and no pictures? I really like this!
  • No joke, I'll ask my aunt. She'll be happy to give us her advice. I'd imagine pictures of pregnant women, babies... She's traveling today, but I'll text her right now and let you know what she says. Fun!
  • Love it, thank you!!

    By the way, I spoke with my specialist today about progesterone. Apparently there is a 1 in 1000 chance of progesterone supplements causing defects in male or female fetus genitalia! She said she saw one case that was sooo minor and wouldn't affect the lifestyle of the baby. In this case, the baby boys penis hole was slightly higher than it should have been. Everything was still functional though. Sooooo there's that. She scheduled me to test my progesterone next Wed to see where my levels are, and do the same thing for the next two months. She said she will be interested to see what decision I make if my levels are low next week. Haha ummm thanks doc. ;)
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    At least she's "humoring" you, a lot of doctors won't do anything unless it's their idea. She probably realized that you weren't going to forget about it, my doctor humors me a lot! Here's what my aunt said:

    "A picture of a mother holding a baby. She needs a picture and to imagine her self holding the baby and then pics of children at different ages and a pregnant woman smiling. Then get lots and lots of rest and have fun. Stress hormones mess everything up and put water like a glass or bottle on the dream board and drink lots of water.

    Mary Anne"

    She sent me a picture, but this app sucks on my phone! If you want to email me I can forward it to you:
  • Just emailed you!
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